Elizabeth’s Beaudesert Show

On Friday our class went to the Beaudesert Show.  The Beaudesert Show was in Beaudesert.  We were very excited to go. First our class had to get on the bus to get there.  When we got there we looked at some cool art work.  Our class made clay sculptures.  I made a Humpback Whale.  My … [Read more…]

Scavenger hunt

Today we had a race to find our spelling words for the week in the dictionary. First we put our words in alphabetical order. Secondly we used our dictionaries to find the page the words were on. Finally, after we practised our word funding skills we had a challenge using words we didn’t know how … [Read more…]

Using conjunctions

To make our narratives more interesting, today we worked on compound sentences. Using our daily sentence writing as a base, we used two simple sentences and the conjunction but to make compound sentences! Miss Milne can’t wait to see how well we use them in our narratives! 😊 😊

5 Finger Retells!

As part of our reading focus this term 1/2 student have been learning how to write detailed retells. Today we took advantage of the warm sun and took our retells outside. Check out our fun!!

Buddy Reading

After a great week, we ended our Friday with our buddies. We have spent a lot of time practicing reading fluently and with expression and 1/2 love reading to our year 5 buddies! Check out all our hard work 😁

Fraction Fun!

Wow! 1/2 sure did master fractions!! Check out our crowns we made in celebration of the Royal wedding. Students used halves and quarters (and even some eighths and thirds) to decorate their crowns!!

Term 1 Class Round Up

  Hi ho. Hi ho. It’s off to school we go! Another year has fallen upon us and it’s safe to say we are knee deep in learning. Class 1-2 is off to a cracking start this year in all of our key learning areas, and we are not slowing down! I’d like to welcome … [Read more…]